Rules before subscription :

1. Before you buy subscription please make sure you test our demo video and it’s working good. also you read our frequently asked questions
2.Make a speedtest on, you must have more then 5 mbps download speed!
3. We recommend you to use your PC or laptop to watch streams because is more stable then mobile platform or other devices.

If you agree click here to Subscribe Now!

*After you complete, come back here and log in using the same e-mail address and password you registered with

Small streaming guide

1. Recommended browser : Google Chrome
2. Do not use any VPN/Proxy, you will not be able to see the player
3. Disable any Adblock or Script blocker because it is possible to block the player
4. Try close other apps or tabs in browser because they can cause lagging to streams
5. We recommend using a wired connection to internet, you need at least 5 mbps download to play the streams without lagging.
6. Disable IPv6, Follow the instructions here
Please report any issue to: